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Legendary Berkeley is the home of the flagship campus of one of the greatest public universities in the world, as well as an epicenter of the 60s counter culture. While a bit tamer than it was in the 60s, it still provokes, entertains, and inspires its residents, students, and visitors from around the world.

Located just ten miles across the bay from magical San Francisco and right next door to blossoming Oakland, it is easily accessible by car, bus, ferry and BART. It is blessed with great physical beauty and unsurpassed views of the Bay and the Golden Gate. It also has the best of SF bay weather, located as it is on the bay directly across from the gate. Fresh Pacific air is the status quo.

Berkeley is a great walking town, with 2000-acre Tilden Park within its boundaries, as well as the square mile of the UC campus. There are also many vibrant neighborhoods and shopping areas each with a character of its own. Accessible public transit makes it easy to go among them.

Perhaps start your trip to Berkeley with a walk on campus, one of America's prettiest, and the west’s Central Park. From discoveries like the wet suit and hot tubs, to the free speech and anti-war movement of the 60s, UC Berkeley continues to change the world and enrich the Bay Area with its passionate students and educators.

But when traveling to Berkeley, it is imperative to explore the food scene. At Chez Panisse, Chef Alice Waters invented California cuisine, which has taken over the world with its emphasis on fresh seasonal produce. Her legacy is alive in the eclectic restaurants all throughout Berkeley, from quirky hole-in-the-walls to modern innovative gastropubs.

Berkeley is full of beauty in many forms. Its awe-inspiring views of the bay from the tangled Berkeley hills give way to stunning homes and landmarks that exemplify craftsmanship. The creativity and vibrancy of the people of Berkeley is, however, what makes this city so unique. Artists, students, activists, scientists, and everything else in between, make Berkeley an invigorating place to be. Powered by its people, Berkeley is always worth the trip.


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